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24L-28L / 11" x 20.5" x 6" - 7"

The DEMETER is the top loading workhorse of the line, with a focus on simplicity and function. The organizer has a zippered passport pocket in it's laptop sleeve, along with two high internal side pockets for cylindrical objects. The lid pocket works well for quick access items, keeping them away from larger and more cumbersome items in the main chamber. A half moon drawstring compresses the contents in the main pocket towards the frame and keeps everything nicely under the lid.

The face ladder, in combination with the minimalist lid buckle, allows you to pick any point up the face to secure the lid while keeping a clean look. This feature allows you to over pack the bag or strap items under the lid, or compress a largely empty bag almost flat, while avoiding the annoyance of long straps swinging about.

The many attachment points, in combination with the structure of the frame, are good for clipping smaller gear or lashing larger objects or bags that could drastically increase the volume of the pack.

This pack also has the option for any military MOLLE compatible water bottle/small pouches to be added to the bottom of the sides.

As is standard, this bag is made with 1680 ballistic nylon and Cordura®, with high-vis neon lime pack cloth lining, and handmade in the USA.


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